Sorry for the Vacuum

Everything’s coming to a head – training, work, pre-trip planning, etc. The result? No posts. Sorry. The other result is something called, “overtraining syndrome.” My knees are effing killing me. Both Jim and I have been fighting colds this past week. And will Southwest Airlines take my bike travel case or what?! In a bit of a mood. Sorry, kids. (No, I mean MY kids. I’ve been grumpy.) BUT, the good news…we’re also in the taper phase. So, things are calming down a bit. Just in time because we only have…

10 days left.

Might have time in the next week for a few quick posts. Maybe not. But this entire blog will culminate in a cool highlight video of the event. (I smell an Emmy!) Aw, but that also means this whole thing will be ending soon. Darn. Maybe a 140.6 days to 140.6 miles (but that’ll have to wait until NEXT summer cuz I got shut out of 2008).

It’s been great having you along. See you soon -

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One response to “Sorry for the Vacuum

  1. Good luck! I rode the spring course in 2006, overweight and under-trained… but it was still good. Enjoy!

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